Tourists are furious after airport staff forced them to strip and change into shorts

Tourists are furious after airport staff forced them to undress and change into shorts

Upon boarding an American Airlines flight, Las Vegas airport officials forced two tourists to strip down to their underwear in public and change into shorts because they found their clothing inappropriate. The girls shared their indignation on social networks, the Dailystar writes.

Comedians Chrissy Meirus and Keanu Thompson had an embarrassing situation while boarding a plane. Their clothes were called inappropriate, after which they were asked to change their trousers. However, the proposed replacement turned out to be even more revealing than the tourists' own clothes.

Chrissy and Keanu chose similar kits for the flight. Chrissy was wearing black trousers and a long top with ties at the sleeves, Keanu was also wearing a sleeveless top and a maxi skirt with a slit to the thigh. They were approached by American Airlines employees and asked to change their clothes. The girls agreed, and then they were offered short shorts instead of trousers and a long skirt.

Christy wrote on the social network: “Oh my god, an airline employee made me and Keanu change trousers before flying, but as it turned out, the new clothes were even more outspoken. This is unacceptable for a regular customer.”

She then added, “We literally had to change in front of everyone. Christy was only wearing underwear and I was completely naked from the waist down right at the gate…. How can this be normal? They could at least let us go to the restroom or behind the counter to change. Or at least hold something like a towel.”

American Airlines says that as part of their “conditions of carriage” all customers must dress appropriately and obscene clothing is not allowed on board their flights. In response to Chrissy's posts on social media, the airline wrote: “Your comments are of concern to us. Please contact us via PM, we are here to listen to you.”

Krissy's followers wondered why the girls were asked to strip in front of other people and wear shorts. One user called the situation “outrageous” while another added: “I don’t understand… It was long skirts! You looked beautiful, but I didn't know beauty was a crime.” A third asked, “So the tops were acceptable, and the problem is just because of the closed legs? Weird.”

This is not the first time someone has been barred from a plane because of their clothing. Last year, a woman claimed she was told to change because her sleeveless corseted dress could offend other passengers. In 2021, an OnlyFans model said she was “insulted and ridiculed” when an airport employee in Melbourne asked her to cover up and gave her a signal vest to do so. The girl was wearing blue jeans and a black halter top with a cutout.

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