Tourists from 2026 will be transported on luxury airships with bedrooms and restaurants

Tourists will be transported on luxury airships with bedrooms and restaurants from 2026

The British company presented a new aircraft that looks like an airship on the outside and a superyacht with bedrooms, a bar, restaurants and private bathrooms inside. It is expected that the aircraft will be put into operation and will begin to carry tourists as early as 2026, The Sun writes.

Hybrid Air Vehicles is developing a hybrid aircraft called Airlander. It will differ from a conventional aircraft in its ability to take off from any flat runway, like a helicopter, as well as in size. The ship is the length of a football field and the height of six double-decker buses.

This area will fit a large seating area with a bar with huge windows and glass panels in the floor. Also, guests on board will have access to eight bedrooms, each with a double bed and a private bathroom with toilet and shower. From entertainment – restaurants and wireless Internet.

The aircraft is planned to be put into operation by 2026. The Spanish airline Air Nostrum and some luxury cruise ships have already shown interest in it. The all-electric Airlander 50 is also expected to be released in 2033.

Hybrid Air Vehicles CEO Tom Grundy said: “It will be more like traveling on a cruise ship than on a plane.” The maximum speed of the Airlander will be 160 kilometers per hour, which is 5 times less than that of a passenger aircraft. However, Tom says that considering airport congestion and takeoff and landing times, short flights will have comparable flight times.

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