Tourists in Goa warned about the ban on a number of actions and punitive measures

Tourists in Goa have been warned about the ban on a number of actions and punitive measures

The Ministry of Tourism of the popular state of Goa in India has warned vacationers about the ban on a number of actions related to protecting the privacy of travelers . In particular, local authorities forbade tourists to take selfies with other vacationers, if the latter did not give their consent. Punitive measures have been developed against violators.

As the management explained, any inconsistent photo or video shooting can be regarded as an encroachment on the confidential data of vacationers, a threat to their safety, Mint reported. “Do not take selfies and photographs without the permission of other tourists/strangers, especially while sunbathing or swimming in the sea, to respect their privacy,” the advisory said Thursday.

Vacationers are strictly prohibited from taking selfies in dangerous places, such as steep sea cliffs, to avoid accidents, according to the report. In addition, officials drew attention to several other issues related to tourism.

Thus, the department advised travelers visiting the coastal state not to destroy or damage cultural heritage sites by painting graffiti or resorting to other forms of mutilation of monuments .
Don't hire illegal private cabs. Insist on metered rates to avoid overpricing,” the message also said.

In addition, the attention of travelers was focused on safe ways to book accommodation. To avoid being scammed, arrivals have been advised to book at legal hotels, villas or accommodations registered with the Department of Tourism.

With regard to the use of alcoholic beverages, there are not only restrictions, but also punitive measures. “Drinking alcohol in outdoor areas such as beaches, etc. is prohibited and is a punishable offence. However, alcohol can be consumed legally in licensed establishments such as coastal bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.,” the authorities emphasized.

The recommendations also mentioned the rules for cooking outdoors. Tourists caught barbecuing on the street and beach face prosecution and a fine of up to INR 50,000 i.e. almost 44 thousand rubles. at the current rate.

The agency also said that tourists in the popular resort state of Goa, which annually receives thousands of tourists from abroad and different parts of India, should refrain from hiring private vehicles, renting taxis, motorcycles , not registered with the Department of Transportation and not having a valid permit.

In addition, in order not to be deceived and stay healthy, travelers should apply for excursions and extreme tourism on the water and in the mountains only to legal offices that have there is a license to carry out such activities.

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