Tourists in panic: thousands of vacationers are late for work, exams are disrupted by children due to chaos in Europe

Tourists in panic: thousands of vacationers are late for work, children's exams fail due to chaos in Europe

Tourists fell into a real panic, who, despite the massive cancellation of flights and crowded airports in Europe, were still able to escape to rest: now the same problem awaits them upon their return – flights continue to be massively canceled, as a result of which the majority cannot return from vacation . Because of this, many Europeans are forced to miss going to work, and children miss school and college exams.

British carriers are back in the air, with EasyJet canceling more than 100 flights over the weekend and British Airways canceling some 16,000 flights between March and October as part of its schedule cuts. Often, cancellations overtake tourists suddenly – at the peak dates, i.e. on the weekend. Tourists planned to return from vacation to work – but they do not succeed. Recall, however, that it’s not only the British who are in trouble – the continent is also in chaos, read more at the link.

“My 17-year-old son is in danger of missing the GCSE exam after his flights back from Disneyland were canceled” , one of the tourists complains. They had to buy tickets for the Eurostar train, but she says there is no guarantee that they will be able to leave. Another father of four, Joe, complained that his children had to miss three days of school because their return flights from Tenerife were canceled twice.

At the same time, “macroeconomic” problems are added to the problems with the personnel that plunged the aviation industry into chaos – for example, flights in London's Luton were delayed and redirected yesterday due to a power outage. By the way, Eurostar passengers also found themselves in a difficult situation after power problems led to the cancellation of a number of trains between Paris and London.

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