Tourists in Thailand started wearing rice steamers on their heads, thinking they were hats

Tourists in Thailand started wearing rice steamers on their heads, thinking they were hats

According to The Thaiger, a local resident drew attention to fashionistas with an unusual headdress, photographed them and published them on social networks. The pictures quickly gained popularity, collecting more than 4,700 likes and 5,000 reposts from Thai users.

Note that the Thai steamer is a bamboo basket. It is used for steaming glutinous rice. Thais usually wrap the rice in cloth and place it in a steamer, which is then placed over a pot of water.

As it turned out, the girls bought two double boilers in the Thai market, but because of the language barrier, they did not understand the purpose of the item. The shape of the container resembled a conical Vietnamese hat, but with holes, so it was decided to use it exclusively as a headdress.

In the comments, the Thais expressed their admiration for foreign tourists, noting that a double boiler can protect from the sun and become a universal fashion subject. Many recognized that this was a funny case and laughed at the unusual choice of women. “This will become a fashion item for a global luxury brand, just like our colorful tote bag that was previously adapted by Balenciaga”, “This is funny!”, “Vietnamese-style hat?”, “That's cute”, “I love it! Ha-ha,” such comments were left by users.

This incident was reminiscent of the cultural oversight of another tourist in Thailand. Last year, a foreign woman sat down at a table in front of the house of spirits, where the Thais worship them. This act could be considered extremely disrespectful to Thai culture, but this incident did not offend the locals, but made them laugh.

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