Tourists in Thailand warned of approaching meteor shower

Tourists in Thailand have been warned of an approaching meteor shower

Tourists interested in amateur astronomy – and this is a fairly popular trend in the west, which has come down to our latitudes – Thailand beckons to a specific seasonal attraction. The National Institute for Astronomical Research of Thailand (NARIT) invited enthusiastic tourists to watch the Geminid meteor shower. Observation time is expected on December 14, from tourist areas it will be best to observe meteorites from Chiang Mai province.

According to NARIT, Geminid meteors will “show” a meteor shower on the mentioned date from 20:00 to 23:00. Moreover, the flow is expected to be up to 150 “shooting stars” per hour. Moreover, it will be possible to notice them even with the naked eye.

“The center will be next to a group of two bright stars in Gemini. This phenomenon usually occurs in Thailand from December 4th to 20th of every year,” said NARIT CEO Suppalerk Karuehanon. He also added that the Geminid meteors move quite slowly, so they can be seen quite clearly, but after 23:00 it becomes harder to see them because the rest of the stars are “too bright”.

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