Tourists in Turkey take selfies in front of the huge superyachts of Bill Gates and Roman Abramovich

Tourists in Turkey take a selfie in front of the huge superyachts of Bill Gates and Roman Abramovich

The original “attraction” for tourists can to boast the port of the popular Turkish resort of Marmaris – tourists take selfies against the backdrop of the huge superyachts of Bill Gates and Roman Abramovich. According to Turkiye Turizm, “The luxury yachts 'Blue', 'Mar' and 'Eclipse' in Marmaris attract the attention of tourists who take pictures in front of the yachts.”

The Russian oligarch owns the last of them – the Eclipse yacht, which has been standing in one of the ports of Marmaris for several weeks. More precisely, the 22-meter 6-storey yacht “Eclipse” of the Russian businessman Roman Abramovich stands on the large berth of Albatros Marina.

At the same pier, you can also see the 16-meter yacht Mar under the flag of Bermuda. This name was given to her by Bill Gates, the founder of the technology company Microsoft, previously the yacht was called “Lana”. As the Turks assure, the 107-meter yacht has a gym, jacuzzi, beach club and swimming pool on board.

The third yacht, the giant yacht Blue, owned by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, arrived in Marmaris from Bodrum and will depart after 4 days in Marmaris. And it is not known whether its owner will arrive. However, only 80 crew members are engaged in servicing this structure of 9 decks and 26 meters, and 48 guests can be accommodated on board.

So, in general, the arrival of luxurious guests in Marmaris is happy. “It's good that millionaires prefer this place. This is beneficial for our country – this is a high-quality five-star advertising, which is also beneficial,” local officials say. Satisfied and local entrepreneurs – they say that “luxury” yachts “buy gasoline, water and bread.” “It is very good for us that yachts come here. They come and eat, drink, and of course we earn,” they add.

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