Tourists issued a new warning about the dangers of holidays in three popular countries

Tourists have been issued a new warning about the dangers of holidays in three popular countries

Updated travel warnings for British tourists planning a holiday in Greece in late July – early August, Spain and Italy this summer, the British Foreign Office released as Europe continues to suffer from horrific wildfires. The instruction published by the Mirror portal is also important for Russian vacationers to take into account.

The latest fires on the island of Rhodes in Greece, Corfu, as well as in Gran Canaria in Spain and in the regions of Sicily, Apulia and Calabria in Italy have caused concern among the authorities and panic among tourists. Consider what the situation is now and whether it is safe to go on vacation.

Greece: extreme temperatures and red warnings

Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated due to fires on the Greek resort island of Rhodes. Meanwhile, about 2,000 people, including tourists, were miraculously saved from a fire in Corfu. At the same time, as noted by the publication, the local authorities have reason to doubt the natural appearance of the flame.

The fires have also affected mainland Greece, in a region on the outskirts of Athens. “Extreme temperatures are being recorded in many parts of Greece. Active wildfires are observed throughout the country, including in populated areas on the mainland and a number of islands. Forest fires are extremely dangerous and unpredictable,” the warning to tourists said.

Spain and the “red” alert level

A wildfire has broken out in Gran Canaria, though authorities said they had “stabilized” the flames by Thursday. At the time of writing, no other Spanish islands or parts of mainland Spain have been affected by fires like those seen in Greece. However, in the Balearic Islands, including Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca, a “red” alert level has been declared. The reason is the same – forest fires.

“Forest fires often occur in Spain, including the Spanish islands, during the summer months when temperatures regularly exceed 40ºC. Be aware of the environment when visiting or driving through forested areas. Starting a forest fire in Spain is a criminal offense, even if it is unintentional. Make sure cigarette butts are properly extinguished, don't light a barbecue, and don't leave empty bottles. You could face a hefty fine if you don't follow the rules prohibiting outdoor barbecues in forested areas,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Italy: Hot weather and continued risk of wildfires< /p>

Forest fires are currently raging in Sicily, Puglia and Calabria. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also issued a warning for tourists in this country or those who intend to fly there in the near future: “Extreme temperatures are currently sweeping through many parts of Italy.” The guide also noted that wildfires are a danger “during the long summer months” and that they are “very dangerous and predictable.

Common warning for all three directions

Tourists can go on vacation to these three countries, but only at their own peril and risk. Travelers who currently want to book a vacation have also been warned to check before they travel to see if their travel insurance will cover the cost if they decide to plan a vacation in areas where wildfires have been reported. Tourists are strongly advised to follow the advice of local authorities and be mindful of the environment when visiting forested areas. In addition, in case of fires, you should immediately contact the emergency number 112 and follow the official recommendations.

The situation with forest fires can change quickly, so vacationers are advised to regularly check official sources of information and the latest weather forecasts before their a trip to these dangerous countries.
As the first favorable news about the stabilization of fires in some regions appears, the British tour operator TUI, which tourists have recently accused of “misjudging the situation” in the resort areas of Greece, because. he brought another batch of vacationers as if nothing had happened last Saturday, when the evacuation of vacationers from Greek hotels was already in full swing. In this regard, TUI and several others criticized the vacationers themselves and said that now it is necessary not to bring people to the resort, but to urgently pick them up and take them home.

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