Tourists named hotel rooms that should never be booked

Tourists have been told hotel rooms they should never book

There are two types of hotel rooms that tourists should avoid booking on vacation if they want to sleep well. These are rooms on the first floor, as well as rooms located near the elevator.

“When booking a room, consider requesting a room on a higher floor, as this way you are less likely to be disturbed by street noise or noise coming from the hotel lobby or bar,” sleep expert Martin Seeley gave the first piece of advice to The Sun. However, it is not necessary to rise too high either. Security expert Lloyd Figgins said that it is optimal to live in hotel rooms located no higher than the fourth floor. “The biggest thing that is overlooked is the risk of fire. Make sure you stay between the 2nd and 4th floors of the hotel, because the fire escape rarely goes above the 4th floor. Anything below that becomes a target for robbers,” he explained.

The second tip from a sleep specialist is to request a room away from the elevator, as it is a source of noise that can make it difficult for the sensitive traveler to sleep. Therefore, if you find yourself in a room on the first floor, next to the elevator, expect a noisy night, the expert warned.
What else can disturb sleep is the heat. A quality sleep specialist has revealed some secrets on how to get a good night's sleep in a hotel room, including how to use the air conditioner.

Here is a quote: “Excessively hot or too cold can disturb your sleep, so try choosing a room with an air conditioning system so you can control the room temperature. At least two hours before bedtime, set the temperature to between 15.6°C and 19.4°C, as this will create ideal conditions for sleep.

But even if tourists try their best to sleep like an infant, it's still there's a reason why they don't feel relaxed on vacation. Recently, researchers have found that increased levels of stress, called leisure sickness, make the immune system less efficient.

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