Tourists reported how they took revenge on hotel guests who booked sun loungers with their towels at 6:30 in the morning

Tourists reported how they took revenge on hotel guests who booked sunbeds with their towels at 6:30 am

Tourists from Australia were outraged by the behavior of hotel guests in Bali, booking sun loungers by the pools with their towels as early as 6:30 in the morning. The couple told on social networks how they took revenge and ruined the plans of cunning vacationers, the Daily Star reported.

Tom and Lisa from Australia were staying at a hotel in Bali, where on the morning of the first day they discovered that all the sun loungers by the pool were reserved by someone's towels. The couple came to sunbathe at 6:30 in the morning and did not find a place for themselves. After lunch, the tourists returned again, but the towels remained untouched.

“We woke up this morning and noticed that the towels were already on the sun loungers. We went about our business and returned to the pool at 13:00. The sunbeds were untouched, no one was visible,” Tom described the situation on social networks.

Usually a beach towel on a sun lounger means that the place is reserved for later. However, many believe that if the sunbed is left unattended for more than an hour, it can be borrowed. Tom and Lisa waited more than 8 hours before removing the towels, and after a while the family still came to their sun loungers.

“At 2:00 pm, we told the pool staff that we were moving the towels, as they There was no one. We then waited until 3:30 pm when people finally arrived. It was priceless to see how they stand with iPads and books in their hands, realizing that their places are no more,” Tom wrote.

Later, Australian tourists also took revenge on impudent guests. As they left, they offered sunbeds to other people by the pool so that the original guests could not return to their favorite places for a long time.

Social media users appreciated the petty revenge of the tourists and praised them, noting that they would have done the same. And one user wrote: “This is proof that not all heroes wear capes.”

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