Tourists revealed the secret of where the plane is a cache of free products in case of emergency

Tourists have been revealed the secret of where the cache of free emergency food is located on the plane

The next time you go to the bathroom on an airplane, take a closer look at the mirror – an employee of the American airline Delta, Jocelyn Laura, turned to tourists with such advice on Tiktok. In her video, she revealed the location of a secret locker full of emergency supplies. Almost no one knows about its existence.

The flight attendant explained that the small locker was in the toilet room. To find it, you have to take a closer look in the mirror. “For those who fly with Delta, especially for women, on some planes there is a button under the mirror, and if you press it, it will open. And there you will find the amenities you need, ”she explained and added that usually inside the closet there are usually free sanitary pads, tissues, paper towels and hand sanitizer. On other planes, this closet is on the walls.

Many social media users, upon learning of this, said they wished they knew about it sooner, and many noted that they previously had to resort to toilet paper when they they were critical days during the flight. “I flew Delta so many times and never knew about it,” said one of them.

At the same time, some tourists doubted that the secret closet was intended for passengers. In their opinion, they should ask the staff for permission to take something from there. However, the employee reassured them and said that there “always lies too much”, because if the products were not used during a certain time, the staff throws them away.

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