Tourists scared by shortage of rooms and high prices for tours to Egypt

Tourists were scared by the shortage of rooms and high prices for tours to Egypt

Tourists are not in a hurry to actively book tours to Egypt for the May holidays. But the “sleepers” are urged to wake up already – experts have warned tourists about a possible shortage of rooms and high prices for tours to Egypt. According to ATOR estimates, a surge in demand closer to mid-April will lead to a 25% increase in prices, while some hotels are already “curtailing” bookings on the dates of the Russian May holidays.

In general, Egypt is in the TOP-5 popular destinations for the May holidays, occupying from 25 to 36% of the total share of bookings. However, all market participants agree that so far sales of tours to Egypt for May have not reached the expected level. So far, the “last moment” tours for March are being sold more actively, and the main sales of May tours are expected in late March – early April. “Closer to the holidays, that part of tourists who like to postpone booking until the last moment, either for personal reasons or expecting discounts,” one of the experts estimated.

It was these “sleeping” tourists who, just in case, were warned about possible problems. First, about the shortage of rooms. So far, as experts of the travel market emphasize, there are no massive problems with booking rooms, but the “first bells” have already been heard.

For example, according to Intourist, Four Seasons 5 * in Sharm El Sheikh no longer accepts bookings for May 4-6. Ambotis Holidays experts advise not to delay booking tours to popular hotels of the Sunrise and Rixos chains. Space Travel experts added to this that local tourists will also ensure a high occupancy of hotels in the first days of May: Russian May holidays will “combine” with local holidays – we are talking about Eid al-Fitr, as a result, a large influx of Egyptians to beach hotels is expected until May 4 .

The second problem is the prices, both for air tickets and for hotels – there are fewer places, prices are getting higher. This is especially true for tariffs for regular transportation. And while you can book tours to Egypt in 4 * and 5 * for “all inclusive” for a week from 130 thousand rubles. for two, then in April such prices are unlikely to remain. “Against the backdrop of increased demand, the cost of tours to Egyptian resorts will increase by at least 15-25%,” experts assured.

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