Tourists told why it is dangerous to wear leggings on an airplane

Tourists have been told why it's dangerous to wear leggings on an airplane

A travel and air travel expert has warned readers of The Sun that it's dangerous to wear leggings on an airplane. While comfortable, this garment does not meet key safety requirements and may cause injury.

Leggings are rightfully considered one of the most comfortable types of trousers, and many passengers choose them for flights. With which Christine Negroni, an aviation expert in the United States, fundamentally disagrees. The fact is that in the event of an emergency landing or other problems, you may need to go through a burning cabin to the exit, or face a fire already on the ground.

“Now everyone wears leggings on airplanes, but I advise you to avoid any artificial fabric, because it is more prone to burning and can stick to you if a fire occurs,” Christine Negroni warned.

The materials from which leggings are sewn can lead to serious third-degree burns or even death in the absence of timely treatment. According to WHO, about 180,000 people die every year from third-degree burns.

Different fabrics have different categories in terms of flammability. For example, acrylic is considered the most combustible synthetic fiber, which melts and drips when burned, causing deep burns. The same applies to polyester and polyamide (nylon). If these materials are combined with cotton or wool, they burn even more.

The safest clothes for flying are clothes made from cotton or natural fibers. Other low-combustible materials are wool and modacrylic. Their fibers burn slowly and usually go out on their own.

Experts also recommend wearing comfortable shoes on the plane and not taking them off during takeoff and landing. This will protect the passenger's legs from minor injuries in the event of an emergency landing. “Choose sneakers instead of high heels, natural fibers instead of synthetics and tight-fitting clothes instead of loose ones,” advised Cristina Negroni.

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