Tourists told why they should never make their bed when checking out

Tourists have been told why they should never make their bed when they leave the hotel

Tourists leaving the hotel , you should never make your bed, as this greatly complicates the work of the staff and the process of cleaning the rooms. A former maid warned about this from the pages of the British edition of The Sun.

Cleaning a made bed is not only more time consuming for the staff, but can also lead to confusion about whether it was used by tourists during their stay in the room. According to a former maid who worked at one of the resorts in Australia and shared her experience: “If we think that you did not use the bed at all, we may not change the sheets for the next guests.”

So when it comes time to clean up, it's best to make the bed “look like it's been slept in.” It is recommended to stir up the bed, first of all, before leaving, as in most hotels the bed linen is rarely changed every day, only if the guest lives there for several days.

According to Flavio Serreti, manager of Soprano Villas and Rome Lofts, a bed carefully made by an outbound tourist complicates the work of the cleaning staff: “On busy days, the staff just fluff the pillows, changing the bedding every three to four days.” A tip from him is to crumple used towels and sheets to make it easier for the staff to clean them up if they want to help.

This unusual recommendation has become a topic of discussion on the Reddit forum among people who are used to staying in hotels. One user shared his experience: “Every time I stay in a hotel, I always make the beds and put the sheets and dirty towels in a pile in the bathroom.” Some forum members said that this was taught to them by their parents as children: “When we grew up in hotel rooms (which was often), my dad folded all the bedding along with the dirty, and I never understood why until I became a cleaner” .

The reaction of the former cleaning workers also confirmed the correctness of removing bed linen from the bed. They noted that maids enjoy having guests help clean their rooms as it saves time and effort. In addition, they advise leaving crumpled sheets and towels at waist level rather than on the floor, as maids often try to grab everything at once to speed up the process, and this is less dangerous for their backs.

As a result we note that it is convenient for cleaners if tourists do not create confusion with linen and make it easier for them to clean the room. Even a little help can make a big difference to staff who are committed to making sure travelers enjoy their stay.

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