Tourists urged to stop traveling to Turkey and boycott: beatings, intimidation and threats reported

Tourists urged to stop traveling to Turkey and organize a boycott: beatings, intimidation and threats were reported

A boycott with a call: “We don’t go to Turkey anymore!” they are trying to announce on Arab social networks. The reason is an incident with a Kuwaiti tourist in the Turkish city of Trabzon.

As reported in the Turkish media, a scandal was on the agenda of the Arab press and social networks when a tourist from Kuwait was beaten by the Turks, and in front of his family. As the sources explain, the police were trying to calm down a dispute between two Kuwaiti tourists when a local man intervened in the incident and hit one of the Arabs, causing him bodily harm.

In particular, there is a popular statement by a Kuwaiti businessman who said after this incident that he decided to sell all his real estate and business in Turkey, and at the same time curtail his investments in this country. «I am a Kuwaiti citizen who owns residential and investment properties and has commercial dealings in Turkey. I declare my intention to sell everything I have and cease all business transactions in this country, as I do not feel safe in this country, since the Turks insult the Arabs and the peoples of the Persian Gulf, and their violence has reached the point of public intimidation without fear of authorities or respect for religion. I advise my family and friends not to travel to Turkey and to get rid of their property in this country as soon as possible,” he said.

Many Kuwaitis supported the call, calling the incident racist and adding fuel to the fire with comments like the following: “Despite the silence of the Turkish government, you still want to go to Turkey only to be insulted, beaten and possibly killed in front of your family and friends? It is our duty to boycott tourism to Turkey and Turkish products until the Turks learn to respect the Arabs,” “Unfortunately, my opinion that Turkey is unsafe for tourism has increased even more. God, heal the victims.”

In Turkey, in turn, they called for the fact that “Sound minds must prevail.” According to the President of the Association of Tourism Enterprises and Travel Agencies of Trabzon (TISAD), Murat Chavgasaid, such incidents have not happened before in Trabzon and should not be considered as a targeted “attack on Arab tourists.” “This incident is sad and contrary to the city's real attitude towards our guests, be they European tourists, local tourists or immigrants. Arab tourists from all over the world come to our city and region and have never encountered any serious problems in Trabzon. It is wrong to damage Trabzon and the region with such an incident,” he said.

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