Tourists warned about dangerous square waves that sink even ships

Tourists have been warned about dangerous square waves that sink even ships

At the sight of “square” waves that even sink ships, tourists should get out of the water as quickly as possible. Cross-wave phenomenon explained by Travel + Leisure.

“Square” waves are a beautiful sight, but an extremely dangerous phenomenon, since they have the power to cause a shipwreck. This phenomenon can be found both in the open ocean and off the coast, experts explained. Squares are formed by waves moving in opposite directions. It happens when two separate weather systems collide, with the wind pushing the waves one way and the strong current pushing the other. This creates the effect of a chessboard on the sea with a grid of squares on the surface.

From the outside, they seem harmless, but in fact it is extremely difficult to escape from such a current. A tourist who gets on the “sea chessboard” will have to cope with two different waves at the same time.

Often waves can be found on the island of Ile de Re near the western coast of France, along the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean, as well as in Israeli Tel Aviv and even in the Crimea. From time to time, Russian tourists post videos with “square” waves on the beach in Olenevka (Crimea) on social networks.

According to the European Space Agency, “square” waves have caused a number of shipwrecks in recent years. If tourists certainly want to see the phenomenon with their own eyes, it is better to do this not from a ship that is in the water, but from a safe distance on land, the publication warned. For example, on the island of Re, tourists can climb the lighthouse to see a natural phenomenon from above.

As experts noted, tourists and lovers of sea travel have something to start worrying about. Waves around the world are getting stronger due to climate change, according to a report by experts published by the publication. In combination with rising sea levels, the risk of damage to coastal resort areas increases significantly.

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