Tourists warned about the activation of bedbugs in hotel rooms

Tourists were warned about the activation of bedbugs in hotel rooms

Tourists traveling to Europe have been warned about the occurrence of an unpleasant hotel problem that appeared due to the abnormal heat in the region – bed bugs. An increase in temperature leads to their active distribution. Travel expert Jacob Wedderburn-Day shared his top tips for avoiding these pesky bugs on holiday, according to the British newspaper Express.

Bed bugs are small insects that can inflict painful and itchy bites, and what else worse, ruin your vacation. They can sneak into tourists' luggage and hitchhike into their homes. This is how parasites migrate and spread.

Expert Jacob Wedderburn-Day shared three top tips for travelers to avoid bed bugs while traveling in Europe:

  1. Check your number carefully. After checking in, do not rush to get settled on the bed. No matter how clean or luxurious the room looks, be sure to check the bedding and other fabric furniture for moving brown or black spots and a peculiar smell that indicates the presence of insects.
  2. Do not put luggage on the bed, carpet, sofa and armchair. It is important to remember that bed bugs feed on human blood, which is why they are often associated with places where people sleep or rest. To prevent possible bed bug infestation, it is recommended to make it a rule not to place luggage on soft surfaces – bed, carpet, sofa, etc. It is better to leave it on the luggage rack or on a cold hard surface that will not attract bed bugs.
  3. < strong>Do not agree to exchange numbers when bedbugs are found. “If you find any bed bugs, always alert the hotel management and ask for a refund so you can change hotels. You may be offered a different room instead, but since cleaning carts can spread bed bugs all over the building, your best bet is to get out of there if you can,” the technician explained.

Help< /em>: Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) prefer to live in conditions close to human body temperature (about +36.1°C – +37.2°C). An increase in air temperature creates more comfortable conditions for them to breed and be active.

Recall that the abnormal heat in Europe and Turkey is a consequence of a “thermal explosion” in the Sahara. The anticyclone passing through the regions was called “Cerberus” by experts. Daytime temperatures stay above +43°C. In all corners of Europe, the heat is already increasing this year, but the extreme temperature marks, which today seem to be record high, will be beaten – in a word, the “meteorological apocalypse” threatens the region as early as 2024. Such a disappointing forecast was given by climate experts and named the directions where now and in the future it will be dangerous to go on vacation – details at this link.

Natural fires have already broken out in Switzerland, Spain and Greece, and tourists, not ready to endure hellish torment, calling hotels “ovens”, began to flee the resorts because of the hellish heat despite the loss of money – read the details here.

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