Tourists warned about werewolf cops

Tourists warned about cops -werewolves

Going on vacation, tourists should beware of werewolf police who can swindle money or personal information under any pretext. Travel expert Rob Staines told the Express about the tricks of the “fake police”.

“Beware of werewolf cops who issue fake tickets, often for the most ridiculous reasons. They can wear a uniform and look like a real official. However, resist the temptation to hand over your money or ID. Feel free to show your doubts. Ask them to show their ID and tell them that you will only pay the fine at the local police station,” the specialist advised. If the fine is legal, the representative of the authorities will be able to present their ID and take the tourists to the police station.

What can tourists in Europe be fined for? For example, in some areas of Spain, vacationers can be fined for exposure in places far from beach areas. In addition, there are fines in the Spanish Balearic Islands for attending and organizing illegal parties.

“Be careful of scammers using children or the elderly, whom they may attract for the plausibility of the situation. It is easy to be drawn into certain situations by those you consider vulnerable. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, it is better to call the police or go to the store to warn them about the problem,” the expert added.

According to him, if during a trip something seems too good to be true to a tourist, usually his doubts are confirmed. “Trust your intuition and keep your mind to yourself. Traveling is an opportunity to meet new people and immerse yourself in a new way of life, but be careful of those who are too pushy to take you somewhere or show you something,” he warned.

If tourists are looking for a local guide when they are on vacation, they may ask for accommodation recommendations. No need to “peck” on the bait of the first oncoming local resident. For example, in many European cities there are free walking tours where tourists can meet with a guide in a designated place.

For some tourists, this summer is the first time they have traveled since the start of the pandemic. Although, in general, Russian tourists are not inclined to travel because of the events in Ukraine and the economic situation. This was shown by a survey conducted by the European Commission for Tourism. Moreover, the Russian trend is fundamentally at odds with the global one: the global tourist movement is on the way to recovery – travelers from many countries of the world are ready to resume the dock-like pace of travel. This was stated by the adviser of the World Tourism Organization Said al-Batuti. For details, read the article “Poll showed that Russians are not inclined towards tourism.”

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