Tourists warned of danger and offered to refrain from traveling to Turkey

Tourists warned of the danger and asked to refrain from traveling to Turkey

For the first time since the terrorist attack in Istanbul, the “unsafe warning” for traveling to Turkey was again officially announced for tourists . And this time, the Serbian authorities announced this.

Foreign Minister of the country Ivica Dacic, on the air of local television, voiced a warning for tourists: “I would like to warn our citizens that terrorist attacks may occur in Turkey in accordance with the information received from the security agencies. Therefore, citizens of Serbia should refrain from traveling to the country,” the head of the Serbian Foreign Ministry said. At the same time, he called non-tourist Ankara the most dangerous city, but there is a risk in other cities of Turkey, he added.

“We recommend that tourists and other our citizens who are already there avoid crowded places, such as pedestrian zones, metro, bus and train stations,” added Mr. Dacic.

Recall that in mid-November, on a weekend in Istanbul, an explosion thundered on the busy shopping street Istiklal. Six people died and 81 were injured. Among the victims, according to official figures, there were three Russians. The story of a frightened eyewitness who miraculously passed the place of the terrorist attack can be read at this link.

However, the matter was not limited to one explosion – it was followed by the next state of emergency and again in the tourist area of ​​​​Istanbul. On Tuesday, November 15, new explosions rocked the Fatih district of Istanbul. The incident occurred on Kojamustafapasa Street, which is located just 5 km west of Sultanahmet Square, where the main attractions of Istanbul – Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque – are located. A car caught fire, as a result, the fire spread to four more cars parked nearby. There are allegations that in one of the cars there was an “explosion” and “a few more pops” were heard. Read the details in this article.

The situation scared Turkey, of course. It came to various incidents, the hero of one of which was an absent-minded Russian tourist who forgot his backpack under a bench on the popular Konyaalti beach in Antalya. An ownerless suspicious object was noticed by eyewitnesses walking nearby and reported the situation to the 112 Emergency Call Service. Soon, numerous police detachments were sent to the scene, which blocked the perimeter of the bench with a security strip, including the coastline, and did not allow any of the vacationers to enter the danger zone. After some time, bomb disposal specialists also arrived at the scene of the emergency. However, the Russian returned to the scene before them, informing the police on the way that he had left his backpack by the bench. Law enforcement officers interrogated him and found out that the man came on vacation some time ago, as well as some information they were interested in. After checking the information, they allowed him to take his backpack and leave. Read more at this link.

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