Tourists warned of extreme heat +42°C at popular resorts

Tourists have been warned of extreme heat +42°C at popular resorts

From the popular resorts of Spain, news about the dangers comes one after another: first, mosquitoes (details here), then black flies that “saw” the skin (details here), sharks on the beaches (details at the link), and now an abnormally sharp rise in air temperature to +42°С during the week.

According to the Spanish meteorological agency AEMET, heat uncharacteristic for May in the Mediterranean (more than +40°С) will come to the south of Spain. However, in the Balearic Islands (Majorca, Menorca, Fermentera) more than +35°С is expected. Parts of southern Spain and the Ebro are expected to reach their highest temperatures, while the Balearic Islands are expected to rise above +35°C.

Daytime temperatures will remain around +30°C throughout the week. The heat will begin to rise from today and will continue until Saturday. Due to the abnormal temperature, the nights will also be very warm, not falling below +20°C. Friday and Saturday will be the hottest days. Temperatures are expected to drop from Monday.

“A warm “episode” will be very unusual for mid-May: daytime temperatures are 10°С-15°С above normal, and nighttime temperatures are 5°С-10°С, at the same time, during peak nights, the temperature will not drop below +20°С,” the meteorologists explained.

It is believed that this may be the earliest heat wave in Spain since the start of meteorological observations. According to local media, the hottest summer regions in the country are usually Seville, Murcia and Granada, while in winter Gran Canaria and Mallorca.

In terms of temperature records, the highest temperature ever recorded in Spain, was in 2017, when in the city of Montoto in Cordoba the thermometer rose to tropical levels – + 47.3 ° С.

Tourists were urged to observe safety measures while in open spaces, use protective creams and wear hats. In addition, vacationers were reminded that new strict rules came into force in Ibiza, Menorca and Mallorca: attending illegal parties is fraught with a large fine for “party-goers” – read about this in the Turprom material “Tourists will be fined 300 thousand euros at a popular Mediterranean resort” .

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