Tourists warned of hotel check-in error that makes it easier for thieves

Tourists have been warned about an error during check-in at the hotel, which makes it easier for thieves

Danger lies in wait for tourists even when checking into a hotel: security experts from ADT security alarms have identified a mistake that most travelers make when making a booking. As it turned out, it greatly facilitates the task of thieves. This was reported by the Mirror.

Experts strongly recommend to be vigilant long before the tourist crosses the threshold of his room. For example, the ADT security alarms team explained why you should never say your room number out loud: “When checking into your hotel, ask the receptionist to write down your room number instead of telling you out loud. This will prevent neighboring guests from knowing which room you are staying in. It's also a good idea to check in and out of your room to make sure no one knows which room you're staying in.”

The absence of a sign on the door of an empty room will also help to scare away potential thieves and intruders. Experts explained that often tourists leave a sign on the door asking for cleaning, but such a gesture is a signal for robbers to try to enter inside and take valuables. Alas, the burglars are sometimes the hotel employees themselves, so it is better to follow the safety rules. If the room needs to be cleaned, experts advised discreetly informing the staff at the front desk about this.

However, this is not the first time that vacationers are urged to be vigilant on vacation. So, earlier, experts listed a few simple tricks that will help you check the security of your room upon arrival.

Let's list them:

  1. Professional flight attendant Esther, who works for the Dutch airline KLM, shared her secrets on the popular TikTok platform. In a short video, she advised always throwing a bottle of water under the bed the first time you enter a hotel room to make sure no one is there without looking in. If the bottle does not roll out the other side, then you can continue checking the number – it's best not to do it alone.
  2. Another flight attendant, known on TikTok under the name Sisi, said that as a precautionary use she misuses ordinary washcloth. The girl plugs the keyhole with it, and puts the rest of the hygiene item on the front door handle of her hotel room – this approach is a great way to prevent strangers from entering the hotel room. In addition, she recommended using door latches with sleep alarms so that if you try to silently open the door, you will immediately receive an audible notification, which is likely to scare off the intruder.

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