Tourists warned of the mortal danger of swimming in the “new” Maldives

The well-known joke about the “Belarusian Sea” was supplemented by a blogger on his Yandex.Zen channel with interesting details. According to him, in Belarus there are “even their own“ Maldives ”- and in the plural – where there are snow-white shores and azure water. True, swimming in these “new” Maldives is deadly.

According to the blogger, “Belarusian Maldives” is “a local feature that has already become widely known, and you can find them all over the republic.” Including they can be found in the Minsk region, as well as in the Brest and Grodno regions. “The most famous of them are located near the village of Novoselki, about 200 km from the capital of Belarus,” the blogger added.

In fact, this name hides huge artificial lakes on the site of flooded chalk quarries. They were nicknamed “Maldives” for the azure color of the water, and also because, due to the large deposits of limestone, the shores of the lakes have a bright white color, which also resembles the snow-white beaches of the Maldives.

However, as the blogger adds, “ instead of a gently sloping coastline, these lakes have very steep shores, and the chemical composition of the water is, to put it mildly, not useful for humans. Therefore, swimming in the “Belarusian Maldives” is extremely dangerous and prohibited.

At the same time, on the one hand, it is not so easy for tourists to get there: almost all the “Maldives” are located on private territory owned by various industrial companies. On the other hand, some quarries are even equipped with special viewing platforms. “The thing is that the flow of tourists to these Belarusian sights turned out to be very large and it was decided not to fight it, but to adapt to it,” the blogger explained. As a result, almost every tourist can admire the “Belarusian Maldives”. But swimming in them is, alas, deadly.

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