Tourists were called a fruit that is prohibited for transportation in all airlines

Tourists have been called a fruit that is prohibited for transportation on all airlines

Usually, air carriers are loyal to tourists and allow many types of products. However, there is one fruit that is prohibited for carriage on almost all airlines. This is a durian. The British newspaper The Sun reminded tourists of this.

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Durian is actually quite popular in some Asian cuisines, but its smell is very pungent, which led to a ban. For example, China Southern Airlines even officially listed it as a banned product. And here is another example. New Zealand's largest airline, Air New Zealand, noted the following: “Durian fruits cannot be carried in either carry-on or checked baggage.”

An exception is the Philippine low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific, which says it will allow passengers to bring fruit on board, provided that that they are stored in the luggage compartment, and not in the cabin. “Smelly or foul-smelling fruits (such as durian) are accepted for carriage only as baggage,” the airline’s website said. Others also allow a specific fruit on board, but on condition that it is sealed.

Durian has caused problems for airlines before, and its smell has caused flight delays and disruptions more than once. aircraft. Then Sriwijaya Air, flying from Jakarta to Bengkulu, had about two tons of durian on board. The airline eventually made concessions and unloaded a batch of durian. The flight ended up departing an hour later than planned.

“When I got on the plane, I could already smell the durian. I complained to the flight attendant but they told me to just fill out a complaint form. I yelled at the other passengers, “Who on this plane wants to fly with such a nauseating smell?” They all chanted in response: “Not us!” Amir Zidane recalled the tourist of this flight on his personal page on social networks. Later, Sriwijaya Air still defended its decision to carry stinky fruits on board.

However, in the confined space of an airliner, passengers often experience an aversion to specific aromas. Recently, a passenger was subjected to passive-aggressive comments after eating a burger he bought at the airport. He posted his story on the Reddit forum to find out if he was right when he decided to eat it in the cabin.

“It's happening right now and the lady sitting next to me is looking at me with 'daggers', making passive-aggressive comments under her breath. I have an eight-hour flight with a short layover. On the first flight, only a small package of crackers was served, and on the second it will be the same. Once I got to the docking gate, I had plenty of time to order food but not eat it. I contacted the member of staff at the gate to see if I could take food on board and she happily assured me that I could. I went and bought a burger, fries and a drink. The woman sitting next to me told me that she doesn't eat meat or fried food and the smell of my burger and fries makes her sick. At first I ignored her and continued to eat, but she complained more and more loudly. I know I'm right when it comes to airline rules, but the smell of spicy food in a closed room is perceived differently by others, and she still looks at me, ”a traveler posted this content.

Some commentators sided with the hungry tourist. “This is an airplane, not this woman's private living room. I can’t believe how rude some people are on planes,” one of them supported the author.

Earlier, flight attendant Shani Peralta told what products tourists should not take on board the plane: “Those who bring specific food on board, like egg salad or tuna sandwiches, are in the minority.” At the same time, in her opinion, at this moment, passengers do not suspect that they have done something wrong.

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