Tourists were called an element of bed linen in hotels that is never washed

Tourists have been named an element of bed linen in hotels that is never washed

An element of bed linen that is never washed in a hotel, as well as a way to protect yourself when hotel accommodation was revealed by former American Airlines flight attendant Kat Kamalani, well-known on social networks. The girl, who often stayed in hotels on duty, posted an explanation video on her TikTok page.

So, according to the flight attendant, hotels “never wash” a key element of bed linen and urged to always “take it off”. We are talking about blankets and a mattress in which bugs and germs can live. According to a study by Merlin Environmental, hotels have been identified as a key source of blood-sucking parasites. “Probably the biggest culprit for the spread of bed bugs is the hospitality industry. Hotels and guest houses are essentially a conveyor belt for bed bugs, and in many cases, each bed in a hotel welcomes a new guest every night or two, especially during the peak of the holiday season,” it concluded.

That's why the expert checks the bed so aggressively as soon as he gets into his room and removes certain items of bed linen. In a video on her TikTok page, she said: “Do you want to check for bed bugs? Check the corners (of the mattress). The next thing to do is remove any decorative pillows or top blankets. They never wash them.”

While most hotels conduct regular checks to prevent the spread of parasites, it's still a good idea to check your room for bed bugs as soon as you check in. At the same time, the check should not be limited to the search for adults only. Presence is often indicated by the presence of small blood spots, which are often rust-colored, and by the presence of tiny, pale yellow eggs. The latter are often found not only on the mattress.

Other signs of bed bugs include a musty smell and insect shells that look like skins of various colors. In younger individuals they are lighter, in older parasites they are darker. In addition, worn or old upholstery and white spots on furniture can suggest a neighborhood with bedbugs. The flight attendant also urged travelers to be mindful of germs that are easy to encounter while on holiday. “Never put luggage on the bed. He was at the airport, and it's disgusting, ”the girl said.

In the comments section, travelers shared their experiences with bedbugs while traveling. For example, one of them, who posted under the nickname armyDubs, told his story: “I travel on business every week. I have encountered bed bugs twice in five years. Since then, I have always checked the bed. Once I found the shells and changed the number.”

However, the hotel staff also responded to the claims of the flight attendant. According to some, not all hotels neglect cleanliness. Some hotels wash not only bedding, but also decorative pillows and blankets.

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