Tourists were named 4 actions on the plane, because of which they will immediately have problems

Tourists were named 4 actions on the plane, because of which they will immediately have problems

A list of actions that can immediately lead to problems for tourists on an airplane was published by the British newspaper The Sun, citing comments from flight attendants. In total, aviation experts identified four points that arouse the suspicions of the crew.

“Stewardesses are much more insightful than you think. In fact, most of our job is to monitor everything that could potentially become a threat on board, so we are ready to deal with this if/when it arises, and not serve drinks and food, ”said one of the flight attendants. “We are trained to monitor the movements and behavior of travelers, especially those who start acting a little strange.”

The first is the frequent trips of the same people to the cockpit.

According to the flight attendant, such behavior can be considered suspicious. “If you often approach the cockpit, we consider it suspicious,” the flight attendant explained.

The second is frequent visits to the toilets by the same tourists.

Passengers who frequently use the restroom also attract the attention of the staff, although some tourists may have medical reasons for frequent trips. “We managed to convict several people that they “soared” in the toilets, which should not be done for a number of reasons. There were also those who retired to the toilet to use drugs. In any case, this is quite obvious, and if we catch you, we will have to decide what punishment is appropriate, ”the airline representative added.

The third is aggressive behavior towards the crew.< /strong>

If passengers behave aggressively or violate the rules of conduct on an aircraft, this can cause problems and require appropriate action. For example, after landing, a rowdy tourist can be handed over to the police.

Fourth – quarrels and conflicts between travelers.

If quarrels or conflicts arise between passengers, especially due to smelly socks, food, or other inconveniences, this can lead to problems on board, and the crew must monitor the situation and take appropriate measures as well. “We will inform the senior crew member, who will consult with the captain and ultimately decide whether any further action needs to be taken,” she noted, since the main task of flight attendants is to ensure safety on board, and if there is a threat or suspicion of violation, they are ready to act according to the instructions.

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