Tourists were overtaken by karma: the family paid for the impudently occupied place of a tourist

Tourists were overtaken by karma: the family paid for the impudently taken place of the tourist

During the flight, a family of three brazenly took other people's seats on the plane, for which they quickly paid. The story of instant karma was told on the Reddit forum by a delighted tourist.

A family of three had seats A, B and C reserved on the plane, which for some reason they did not like. Then impudent people decided to take other people's places D, E and F. One of the occupied places was supposed to be a woman describing a story on Reddit. Her indignation was ignored by the mother of the family, and then the tourist with a friend had to transfer to empty seats D, E and F in front of the treacherous family.

But soon the woman was even delighted with such an outcome, because the violators were overtaken by karmic justice. “Mommy, who didn’t even look at us at first, leaned over and asked me if our USB ports and sockets were working. Yes, while I was listening to music with headphones,” the tourist wrote. It turned out that ports do not work in the places occupied by the family, which makes it impossible to connect headphones and charge phones.

“We have been sitting on the runway for over an hour and it is a long flight. I assume they are running out of batteries. Hello, Karma,” the woman wrote, not concealing gloating.

Under the message on the forum, a heated discussion of the situation ensued. Most users were also glad that karma overtook the impudent family. One of them wrote: “When I travel, I always take two charged portable batteries in my personal bag. So not only did they take other people's seats, but they didn't plan their trip well.”

“I'm really interested in why they chose to sit in identical seats across from their assigned seats. Pam pam, sweet karma,” laughed another user.

A travel expert in this regard advised tourists to always take an extension cord with multiple outlets and portable batteries in their hand luggage. This will help you avoid searching for working ports and outlets, as well as conflicts with friends or family over charging gadgets.

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