Tourists were told how best to hide money in a hotel room so that they are not stolen

Tourists were told how best to hide money in a hotel room so that they are not stolen

Hide money and valuables in the room hotels are better in the most unexpected places so that they are not stolen, 31-year-old Miguel Munoz, who has been working as a flight attendant for more than six years, urged tourists.

Russians should always be especially careful with their personal belongings and valuables while on vacation abroad and in domestic resorts, so the valuables that they brought from home with them should not be kept in plain sight, but rather safely hidden. According to the expert, even the simplest hiding places are always better than an ordinary bedside table or even a suitcase. At the same time, the expert recommended following the saying and “do not put your eggs in one basket”, but disperse money, jewelry and electronic devices in different secluded places to reduce the risk of theft. The main thing is not to forget about your hiding places when leaving the room, otherwise the next guests will have a nice bonus.

In addition, Munoz advised to always keep the curtains closed in the room. “Did you ever notice when you first entered your hotel room that the curtains were open? This is a sure sign that the room is empty, ”he argued and advised tourists to always curtain the windows before leaving.

So, where do experts suggest hiding valuables in a hotel room? For example, the travel specialist at Luggageandsuitcase believes that the bathroom is one of the best and most unexpected places to store such things. For example, a shower stall is a great hiding place, but travelers may need to take some tools with them on vacation. For example, a screwdriver to unscrew the screws in the storage areas and screw them back. For safety, tourists are advised to take duct tape. For example, to stick an envelope with money and other valuables on the inside of the bed or under the windowsill. “It is unlikely that a thief will run his hand along the underside of the windowsill. If they bend down to look, they won't see anything out of the ordinary. I've used this method many times, it's simple, fast and easy!” — shared Munoz.

“Some people bring their own pillows because they hate hotel pillows and can't get a good night's sleep, and others are strange tools to stay safe in the room,” the steward explained. Some airline employees checking into hotels after a long haul vacation take door wedges, stops and personal alarms with them.

Earlier, another flight attendant from European airline KLM, who has stayed in hundreds of hotels around the world, urged everyone to always quit bottle under the bed to stay safe in the hotel room. According to her, to find out if a stranger really lurked under the bed, it is not necessary to look there, it is enough to throw a bottle there, and preferably a larger and heavier one. Ideally, the vessel should roll out from the other side of the bed, assured the inventor of the method. If this is not the case and the bottle rolls in a straight line, there is someone under the bed and it's time to run for help (read the details at this link).

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