Tourists were told how to get first class instead of economy without surcharges

Tourists were told how to get first class instead of economy class without surcharges

For those who want to fly business or first class for free instead of economy, travel expert and Stasher CEO Jacob Wedderburn-Day has some real advice. According to him, the life hack is not without its share of risks, but is more effective in all airlines, you just need to choose the right landing place on the plane.

Most Russian passengers automatically avoid the middle seat during check-in, since it is known , the most inconvenient. However, according to an aviation expert, choosing this particular seat may be the most reasonable step if a passenger wants to receive an upgrade from flight attendants.

“If you don’t like the uncertainty of waiting for check-in a few hours before departure, then by all means choose a middle seat. Airlines are more likely to upgrade passengers who sit in the middle seat, as this is generally considered the least desirable seating position. So, if you don't mind being sandwiched between two other people, it might be worth booking these seats,” he said.

According to Jacob, flight attendants are more likely to choose tourists sitting in the middle seats for the elusive free upgrade, since everyone understands that this is the most uncomfortable seat. If there are free seats in the first or business class, they will be transferred there.

However, this advice is not without risks, because if passengers are not offered a free upgrade, they will be stuck in the middle seat for the rest of the flight. “Try to fly with the same airline as often as possible. If you are flying with an airline with which you have status or are a member of its membership club, this will increase your chances of being upgraded. If you have airline bonus points or a special card, you can use them to upgrade to first class. Each airline has its own system, so it's worth checking with your carrier what is required. Loyalty clubs also offer the opportunity to use points to upgrade your skills. For example, American Airlines AAdvantage members can use their points to upgrade to first class on any flight, regardless of carrier,” the specialist explained.

Airline points can always be used towards upgrades, although passengers may need to save up for a while. Airlines are also more likely to choose travelers to upgrade to a higher class cabin if space is available.

“As the saying goes, if you don't ask, you don't get. It may seem obvious, but simply asking is the best first step to getting an update. Often airlines book economy seats to make sure every flight is full and profitable. They bet that not everyone will come, but sometimes they have too many passengers for empty seats. Please tell the attendant at check-in that you are interested in an upgrade. You can always ask at the gate if they say there is no chance. The worst thing they can say is “no,” he concluded.

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