Tourists were told how to ruin clothes with an iron from a hotel room

Tourists were told how to ruin clothes with an iron from a hotel room

Unfortunately, clothes in a suitcase often wrinkle. While using your own hotel iron may seem like an obvious solution, some travelers have warned on the Reddit forums about the risks of using it, as it can easily ruin clothes.

Many hotel rooms have an iron that guests can use to get rid of any wrinkles in their clothes. However, guests should be careful when using it. “I learned this the hard way when I took one shirt with me for presentation day and decided to iron it with a hotel iron. The remaining water in the tank, apparently, stayed there for a long time. As a result, nasty rusty water splattered all over my shirt, ”a traveler wrote such a complaint on the forum.

However, not everyone shared this tragic moment. One of them said that they should have checked the iron on a damp towel, then the shirt would not have been ruined, since the iron is not something that the maids regularly check on. In fact, hotel irons may not be cleaned for a long time, so guests are in for an unpleasant surprise.

Let's list the tips that tourists gave to the frustrated traveler:

  1. Do not iron clothes directly with an iron. Take a pillowcase and cover the clothes with it.
  2. Actively release steam from the iron before ironing.

“I once tested an iron in a hotel that was much hotter on the same setting than the one I had at home. Ended up damaging a brand new pair of trousers the night before an important trade show,” shared another “victim” of the hotel iron.

“Went to a wedding in Italy and the crappy hotel iron left a huge rust mark on my white shirt. Fortunately, I could hide it under the top of my suit, but it kind of spoiled the preparation for the day, ”added another.

In addition, travelers told about a tricky method of how to do without an iron and get their things in order – for example, use the steam from the bathroom. Hang the thing on a clothes hanger, place it in the bathroom and briefly turn on the hot shower. The steam will help remove stubborn creases and there is no risk of staining clothes with rusty stains from the iron. Not ideal, but effective method for large folds and creases. Some hotels also provide laundry services, although they may incur an additional charge.

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