Tourists were told the secrets of how to transfer from economy class on an airplane to the first one without surcharges

Tourists have been revealed the secrets of how to transfer from economy class on an airplane to first without additional payments

First-class luxury is not always the prerogative of super-rich tourists . According to flight attendants and travel experts, budget travelers can also count on a transfer from the “economy” without surcharges. The secrets of how to do this were revealed by Mirror.

In recent years, air travel in the West has become more affordable, with many Ryanair and EasyJet flights being sold for the price of a light lunch in the city center. At the same time, ultra-luxury air travel is becoming more and more popular. For example, among those who go above and beyond is Singapore Airlines, which offers discerning passengers a first-class suite comparable to a hotel room on land. Inside there is a large double bed, a desk and two windows.

Unfortunately, for those who don't have unlimited cash, they have to settle for cramped seats and argue about reclining seatbacks. The dream of many economy travelers is to get a free upgrade to a business class or first class seat, which, although rare, does happen.

Fortunately, there are many ways that you can use in attempting to get an upgrade without additional charges. Here are some tips from flight attendants.

Tourists applying for a promotion to a higher class must not be drunk, smell bad and look sloppy

Flight attendant Miguel Munoz, who has been flying in the skies for over 10 years, has previously explained that there are clothes that are sure to keep a tourist in economy. “I would say dirty clothes 100%. Sometimes passengers come on board in a messy, smelly condition, with stains on T-shirts, etc. They seem to come straight from the beach without changing clothes. I even saw tourists getting on the plane in flip flops and sandals! Obviously, I would never get them into first grade. I would also not raise the level of service for people who smell bad, or drunken passengers, or anyone who gives me the impression that they can cause trouble, ”she shared.

Should wear the right clothes

One travel expert from ForbesAdvisor said that clothing can be the key to getting a coveted first-class seat. “While wearing your best clothes does not guarantee an upgrade, dressing smartly will certainly increase your chances of being selected. The highest paid clients will often be dressed more modestly, and airlines will want anyone they send to first class to look the part. Don't wear anything extravagant. Just make sure you avoid too casual things like flip flops and shorts,” he shared.

Complain about a reclining seat

A passenger who reclines is often sympathetic, but if they have certain health problems, they can be moved to a more comfortable seat. So, a flight attendant, who asked not to be named, said on the Reddit forum that the medical reason why someone needs extra legroom may be a history of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

“If you tell the staff that you are suffering from this health problem, they will insist that the person in front of you take their place, although they will probably need proof. We can even move you to a front row seat or maybe even upgrade so you don't have to deal with a reclining seat,” he explained.

Choose a middle seat

If tourists don't like the uncertainty of waiting for check-in a few hours before departure, then they should definitely choose a middle place, some experts say. According to Jacob Wedderburn-Day, CEO of travel company Stasher, airlines are more likely to upgrade passengers who sit in the middle seat, as this is generally considered the worst seat on board. However, there are quite a lot of such seats on board and it will not work to transfer all passengers to a higher class, so this method is very risky.

Just ask

Sometimes the simplest solution is just to ask the flight attendant about the transfer. At check-in, it is recommended that you inform the flight attendant of your interest in upgrading the class of service and then check again at the boarding gate. The worst thing they can say is a simple “no”. It is important to be polite and humble. This does not always lead to a transfer to another class, but perhaps the flight attendants will bring the tourist a free glass of champagne.

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