Tourists were told why you can not wear flip-flops at the airport and plane

Tourists have been told why they can't wear flip-flops at the airport and on the plane

Although Russian tourists may be tempted to wear flip-flops for a flight in order to feel the spirit of vacation right from the airstairs, however, it is better to pack them in a suitcase. The reasons why this type of footwear is not recommended to be worn at the airport and during the flight were announced by aviation experts and flight attendants on TikTok.

In their opinion, flip-flops are one of the worst types of shoes for air travel. Thus, aviation analyst Mary Schiavo explained the indignation of specialists about beach shoes as follows: “Please put on comfortable shoes and wear them until landing. I see people boarding a flight in flip flops. At this time, I think about safety: if you have to get up and run, then in flip-flops you will fall or you will not be able to run at all. So you will not only harm yourself, but also dozens of other tourists on this plane. So put on some comfortable shoes.”

American Airlines flight attendant Andrea Fischbach echoed a colleague's warning: “If you have a short transfer and need to move between terminals, it's best to have shoes that support mobility. I would really not advise walking in high heels, flip flops or any kind of flip flops, mainly for safety reasons. If there is an evacuation and an evacuation slide is required, your high heels will either come off or hurt your foot. In addition, they can pierce an inflatable slide. They're also not very practical for an emergency run.”

For similar safety reasons, passengers are warned to always keep their shoes on during boarding. So, aviation expert Christine Negroni previously said that the most risky time in flight is the time of landing. “I think it should be a general rule to wear shoes during landing. When you leave the plane, the floor may be very hot or cold, covered in oil, or on fire. In emergency situations, we can land, for example, in a cornfield. I think in emergency situations that arise suddenly, you do not want to walk barefoot, ”she said.

Also, flip flops ruin the style aspect. According to elegance trainer and fashion expert Anna Bey, flip flops are not the way to go if a tourist wants to look expensive on an air trip. So, in a YouTube video, she said the following: “Flip-flops should be for the pool, nowhere else, especially on the plane. You shouldn't dress too casually because it's a matter of respect for yourself and respect for other people.”

As for shoes, the elegance coach suggested an alternative – flat shoes such as ballerinas, moccasins or sneakers. In her opinion, this is the only suitable option. At the same time, you should be careful with the choice of the latter, because stylish shoes are suitable for an airplane, not casual ones, the fashion expert said.

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