Tourists will be deprived of sex and pleasure: the most famous city of debauchery will no longer work around the clock

Tourists will be deprived of sex and pleasure: the most famous city of debauchery will no longer work around the clock

Amsterdam continues to fight hard with its unofficial title of “city of debauchery” – sex, alcohol, drugs and other entertainment and pleasure, according to the latest orders of the authorities, will no longer be available around the clock. The reason is the extreme dissatisfaction of local residents with the inconvenience that “concerned and annoying” tourists bring, massively flocking to the capital of the Netherlands for stag and bachelor parties. Amsterdam has already appealed to such tourists “stay away!” – and now the first measures are taken, somewhat similar to the curfew rules.

Recall that the “city of debauchery” made Amsterdam primarily a relatively accessible attitude to sex and soft drugs, specifically, weed. The red-light district and marijuana-smoking “coffee shops” have “drawn in” a corresponding contingent of tourists – which the local authorities have been trying to get rid of for more than a decade – and now new measures come into force.

Firstly , by order of local authorities will soon be banned from smoking cannabis in the red light district of Amsterdam. This ban should come into force in mid-May. In addition, sex establishments in the red light district will be required to close at three in the morning.

Also, restaurants and bars were ordered to close – and even earlier. On Fridays and Saturdays they will have to close their doors at two in the morning. At the same time, the retail sale of alcohol will generally have to be closed at 16:00 – such a ban will be in effect from Thursday to Sunday. At the same time, drinking alcohol in public places in Amsterdam is already prohibited under the threat of a fine. By the way, obviously “stoned” on the streets is also better not to appear – they will be taken away and subsequently fined. Vendors have also been asked – for the time being – to remove alcohol from store windows and hide it from sight altogether. . The city firmly hopes to minimize the number of tourists attracted by booze, legal drugs and sex tourism. You can read more about the campaign here.

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