Tours for Russian tourists rise sharply in China

 Tours for Russian tourists are getting more expensive in China

Do not come to China, “so as not to create unnecessary excitement,” warned Russian tourists on the pages of the PRIMPRESS publication. They also added that tours to China will rise sharply in price. True, not for long – from April 29 until the end of next week. The reason is simple – the coincidence of the May holidays in Russia and in China, which is expected to provide Chinese hotels with rush demand from local tourists, which in turn will raise prices.

Accordingly, the warning is primarily addressed to those tourists for whom spending a short weekend in China is a fairly common route for a short trip, primarily to tourists from Siberia and the cities of the Far East.

“The long weekend in the Celestial Empire practically coincides with the May holidays, which are expected in Russia. In China, the holiday will last until May 4 inclusive. Against this background, representatives of China informed all travel agencies abroad, including in Russia, that the conditions for all foreigners coming to the country will change significantly in the near future, ”representatives of the Far Eastern tourist industry explained to the publication. First of all, prices will rise many times – by 200% or more, and this will affect all cities located in China, including such popular among Russian tourists from the Far East – such as Suifenhe, Hunchun and Dalian.

“During the holiday period, a significant portion of hotel rooms will be reserved for trade unions and local groups. Therefore, tourists from other countries were asked, if possible, not to come to China at this time, so as not to create unnecessary excitement. After May 4, accommodation prices will return to their previous levels,” the experts added. They also noted that some Russian tourists are still ready to go to China for May holidays, although they recalculated the cost for them – also raising it several times.

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