Tours to Turkey have fallen in price to 30 thousand rubles

Tours to Turkey have fallen in price to 30 thousand rubles

The “price fall” is observed not only in Thailand – tours to Turkey have also fallen in price to 30 thousand rubles, although such prices will not last long. We are talking about departures at the end of August for the next few days – according to ATOR, a week's rest in a 3 * hotel will cost from 60 thousand rubles. for two for all inclusive. The fall in prices reaches 40-60%, but experts emphasize that this is not for long.

Experts list the following prices for the nearest Turkey:

  • FUN&SUN has a week-long tour to Kemer at the hotel 3 * (“all inclusive”) on August 25, is offered with a 60% discount, for only 60.1 thousand rubles. for two
  • Pegas offers a week-long tour to Marmaris also from August 25 for 69.8 thousand rubles, though at breakfast.
  • Anex has a weekly tour to Beldibi from 68 thousand rubles, to Alanya – from 79 thousand rubles, in Side – from 79 thousand rubles.
  • “Intourist” for the same 60 thousand rubles. rub. offers a 3* hotel for a week in Kemer for two.

The reason, according to market experts, is still the same – low prices are caused by a seasonal “failure” due to the start of the school year – when family tourists massively fly out of the resorts, and their “delivery” falls. Moreover, Turkey is the most massive destination, there are significantly more tours and prices are higher.

But this failure will be short-lived, experts add. Prices will return to their previous level already in early September – at the moment they are already in the range of 93-100 thousand rubles. for two, and by the middle of the month the upper bar rises to 115 thousand for two for 3*.

Recall that the same picture, adjusted for prices, is also observed in Thailand. At the moment, tours to Thailand have fallen sharply in price by as much as 1/3 – while tour operators told ATOR that this is a “seasonal phenomenon” that will not last long. But for now, buying a tour to Thailand in August – early September can be about 30% cheaper than the average “summer” prices, which are already lower than winter ones.

According to experts, the cheapest tour from Intourist for two for two 11 nights will cost only 109 thousand rubles for two in 3 * on “breakfasts”. The prices of other market players are also relatively low – from 112 thousand rubles. up to 142 thousand rubles, and in the latter case we are talking about a 4 * hotel. See details and prices here.

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