Travel sites have begun using ChatGPT to find the best tour options for tourists

Travel sites have started using ChatGPT to find the best tour options for tourists

An American travel company has added a new feature to its site to select the best tour options using artificial intelligence ChatGPT. Tourists will be able to receive personalized recommendations regarding vacation destinations, flights, bookings, entertainment and attractions, Dailystar writes.

The growing popularity of the ChatGPT platform opens up great opportunities for planning the perfect vacation and solving the problems associated with it. So decided the American company Expedia, which launched a new feature for tourists in partnership with this well-known neural network. Users of the site and app are invited to start a conversation with artificial intelligence, ask questions of interest and get advice on places to visit, where to stay, how to get around, what to see and what to do.

The function aims to study and meet the needs of each person so that he can focus on relaxation. The booking procedure is also noticeably simplified. The system takes a smart approach to selection by automatically saving hotels discussed in a conversation, helps users stay organized and makes it easy to select dates, check availability, and add flights, cars, or activities.

Peter Kern, Vice Chairman and CEO of Expedia Group, said: “By integrating ChatGPT into the Expedia app and combining it with our other AI-powered search capabilities such as hotel comparison, flight price tracking, and ride sharing tools, we are now we can offer travelers an even more intuitive way to create their ideal trip.”

The company believes that travelers will benefit from high technology in the following ways:

  • the ability to shop using artificial intelligence to get personalized and relevant travel options from 1.26 quadrillion variables such as hotel location, room type, date ranges, pricing and more;
  • booking confidence flights at the best prices tracked by artificial intelligence;
  • resolving issues in case of unexpected trip changes with an AI consultant available around the clock.

Expedia has previously implemented other AI technologies on its platform. She uses a customer service chatbot to help travelers with any issues that come up after booking. In addition, the flight price tracking function is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

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