TUI canceled meals and drinks for tourists, asking them to take dry rations with them

TUI has canceled food and drinks for tourists, asking them to take dry rations with them

Airlines are forced to resort to “creative solutions” and emergency measures to cope with a shortage of staff, as well as a sharp increase in the cost of fuel. In particular, the leading British airline TUI Airways, which is part of the TUI tourism holding, urged tourists to take dry rations on board certain flights. Moreover, taking water with you is quite problematic, because. Carrying liquids with a volume of more than 100 ml is prohibited. In a non-standard situation, experts blame staff shortages.

According to a statement from TUI, the severe shortage of staff at the airline's contracted catering provider means it is currently physically unable to serve the airline's short to medium haul flights. Now the representatives of the carrier have turned to the tourists and said that they will not be fed and watered on board. Therefore, passengers should take care of their own meals and take dry rations and soft drinks with them.

“We can confirm that, unfortunately, due to a shortage of staff at our catering service provider, food and beverage services may be limited on board TUI Airways short and medium haul flights in the coming days. Therefore, customers can bring their own food and non-alcoholic drinks on board, although alcohol is not allowed. Due to airport security regulations, any non-alcoholic beverages over 100 ml will need to be purchased after going through security. Rest assured, we are constantly monitoring the situation and working closely with our suppliers to limit the impact on our onboard customer service. We contact all affected customers directly. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused,” said a spokesman for the company.

In the UK alone, British Airways and EasyJet have canceled hundreds of flights in recent weeks due to an inability to recruit enough staff to operate their full scheduled flight programmes. The British low-cost airline EasyJet has already taken a desperate step by announcing the withdrawal from sale of a full row of seats on all flights operated by its fleet of 92 Airbus A319 aircraft. The reason is that in this way the carrier has achieved a reduction in passenger capacity, since four flight attendants are required to serve a full aircraft during a flight. By reducing the number of seats on board, only three employees will be required on each flight.

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