TUI made a statement for tourists in Turkey for the upcoming summer in connection with the earthquake

TUI made a statement for tourists in Turkey for the upcoming summer due to the earthquake

For the upcoming summer, the TUI tour operator, however not in Russia, but in the UK, published in connection with the earthquake in Turkey a statement about the rest in the resorts of the republic. According to the message, tourists should not be afraid of the southern and western regions (Antalya, Bodrum, Istanbul, etc.), but stay away from the eastern part of the country, where destruction occurred in February.

Early last month, three powerful earthquakes shook parts of Turkey and Syria, forcing the government to declare a state of emergency in the country. The tour operator has decided to reassure holidaymakers heading to the country this summer, British newspaper The Sun reported.

Here is an excerpt from the statement: “We are aware of three recent earthquakes in Turkey in the cities of Gaziantep, Kahramanmarash and tremors that occurred near the city of Antakya and the border with Syria. All of them occurred in the southeast of Turkey, about 800 km from the resort of Antalya. Our thoughts remain with those affected by the devastating events in Turkey and TUI supports humanitarian initiatives in the country, as do most of our hoteliers. So, hotels that did not work in the winter season were opened specifically to provide emergency assistance to the victims, but were closed to customers. For tourists who have booked holiday packages to Turkey, we can confirm that everything is currently working as planned.”

After the earthquakes, the British government, for whose residents, as well as for Russians, Turkey is the main foreign holiday destination, updated its recommendations for traveling to the republic: “On February 6, 2023, an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 occurred in Gaziantep and neighboring provinces in southeastern Turkey. There were many strong aftershocks. You should avoid these areas and follow the advice of the local authorities.”

Most of Turkey is safe to visit as a tourist, according to the tour operator. There are only a few places that the UK government does not recommend traveling to, including the border with Syria. It is also not recommended to visit Sirnak or Hakkari province. Nevertheless, popular resorts such as Bodrum, Antalya and even Istanbul, where seismologists are predicting a “great earthquake”, remain safe.

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