Turkey announces rescue plan for Turkish tour operators in Russia

Turkey announces plan to rescue Turkish tour operators in Russia

A three-stage “road map” to attract tourists from Russia, as well as rescue Russian mass tour operators with Turkish roots, was announced by the Turkish authorities. The plan was developed at the highest level – the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Treasury and Finance took part in it. They are launching a three-stage roadmap to attract tourists from Russia.

The three stages of the plan involve the following: direct financial assistance, as well as assistance with air transportation, which in turn is divided into two stages – initially, these are allocated blocks of seats on Turkish carriers for Russian tourists, and in the future – the creation of a separate airline focused exclusively on delivery Russians to Turkey.

  1. The first stage of the plan involves the allocation of $ 300 million in credit support to Turkish tour operators, primarily Anex, Pegas and Coral, which carry tourists from Russia to Turkey. Within the framework of the Credit Guarantee Fund. (KGF) they will be supported by a loan package totaling $300 million. It is expected that the support package for the Ministry of Finance, the Credit Guarantee Fund and banks will be announced in the first week of May.
  2. The second stage is the already mentioned allocation of 1.5 million “block” seats to three tour operators on Turkish Airlines flights. Bulk tour operators such as Anex, Pegas and Coral have teamed up with Turkish national carriers under the coordination of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and signed an agreement on the allocation of seats, according to Turkish media. As a result, Turkish Airlines has already allocated 1.5 million seats to these three companies for transportation. In addition, part of the tourists will be brought by Pegasus Airlines and aircraft of Russian production and subordination, according to Turkish experts, they will transport 500,000 tourists. “In this way, 2 million Russian tourists will be guaranteed this year,” they assure.
  3. The third stage is much more interesting – they hope to create a separate airline to transport Russian tourists in Turkey. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Treasury and Finance have started work on the airline, which is planned to be established in Antalya. It “will carry only tourists from Russia to Turkey.” With its help, they expect to transfer at least 1 million tourists. Thus, the total number of Russian tourists in Turkey will be able to reach at least 3 million people. This is about half of the results of previous years, but better than nothing.

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