Turkey announces staggering numbers of Russians coming winter

Turkey announces staggering numbers of Russians coming winter

This winter, Turkey expects a staggering number of Russian tourists to visit its resorts. The expected figure for the period from November 1, 2022 to April 1, 2023 is projected at 1 million people, and this despite problems with air travel due to sanctions.

Russian tourists who prefer the Turkish holiday destination in the summer season will travel to Turkey in the upcoming winter season, Takvim said. It is expected that 500,000 vacationers will choose Antalya, the traditionally favorite resort province, while the rest will travel to different regions of Turkey.

Recall that due to the embargo imposed by the United States and Europe in Russia, private airlines suspended their flights, and Turkish Airlines was involved to solve this problem. An agreement has been signed with leading Russian tour operators of Turkish origin – Anex, Pegasus and Koral. The scope of this agreement has been extended to include the winter season.

According to information received from Anex Tour representatives, the Turkish airline will operate 10 flights to Antalya per day. These planes, which will carry an average of 2,000 Russian tourists, will deliver 60,000 Russians a month to the southern Turkish province. In addition to the operations of other airlines, it is planned to deliver 100,000 Russian vacationers to Antalya every month. “We expect that we can easily send 100,000 tourists to Antalya every month. We can even see 600-650 thousand Russian travelers, which in five months will exceed the planned 500 thousand vacationers,” ANEX Tour said.

In addition, Antalya will become the main platform not only for Russian tourists, but also for professional athletes who will come to the republic for training camps in the winter season. Before the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions, our compatriots trained in Europe, but now the region is closed to them. According to Turizmguncel, 100,000 Russian athletes will arrive in the resort area this year.

Istanbul will become the second city in terms of incoming tourist traffic from the Russian Federation in the coming season. Turkish tour operators said that our compatriots who go skiing to Europe will also adjust their route this year and, most likely, will go to Turkey to the leading ski resorts of the republic, such as Kayseri Erciyes, Bursa Uludag, Erzurum Palandoken.

It is expected that a sports camp will be organized in the southern Turkish province, where various sports clubs of the Russian Federation will gather. The tour operator Pegas Touristik will act as the coordinator of tourists-athletes from the countries of the former CIS. According to Orhan Sankar, a representative of the tour operator, earlier Russian sports clubs preferred to choose such countries as Switzerland, Austria, Estonia, Slovenia for training.

Antalya is a transit point

Earlier it was reported that Russian tourists who want to get to the Far East and Caribbean regions in winter are planning to use Turkish Antalya as a transit point. According to expectations, the Turkish air harbor will become the gateway to the world for 500,000 Russians who will travel from there to the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Cuba, and Venezuela. The Turkish economy expects to capitalize on this Russian tourist flow.

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