Turkey began to give discounts to Russians: the amounts that can be saved on vacation are named

Turkey began to give discounts to Russians: the amounts that can be saved on vacation named

Turkish hotels, in order to attract Russian tourists, are ready to give them significant discounts. In May, their volume amounted to 30%. Those. tourists could save 30 euros out of 100. This information was announced to the agency in an interview with Sputnik radio by the head of the Pink Elephant travel agency network, Alexan Mkrtchyan.

According to him, this year Turkish hotels already in May offered Russian tourists rooms with a discount of about 30%. The reason is the decrease in the number of tourists choosing Turkey.

“Less than expected Russian tourists will come to Turkey this year. Instead of about seven million Russians, there will be four million maximum. Because of this, Turkish hoteliers are forced to greatly reduce prices. For example, already in May, the discount was about 30%, that is, a daily stay in a room cost not 100 euros, but 70 euros,” the expert said. He also added that the ruble rose in price against the Turkish lira, which is why “in Turkey they offer prices that are not in Sochi.”

However, he added that for now everything rests on the shortage of air travel – and due to high ticket prices, prices for tours in fact have nowhere to fall. “Prices will go down a lot as soon as charters are massively launched. For flights only to Russia, two Turkish airlines have already been created, but they have not yet been given permission to fly. Another one is on the way, but it is also waiting for permission,” Alexan Mkrtchyan explained. We can expect further price cuts as new carriers emerge, he says.

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