Turkey closed the deficit of Russian and Ukrainian tourists: they found an alternative

Turkey closed the deficit of Russian and Ukrainian tourists: an alternative was found for them

German tourists, mostly of Turkish origin, as well as tourists from other European countries and Arab countries have filled the “tourism gap” in at least one tourism region in Turkey. This was stated by Kafer Dumlupınar, President of the Manavgat Merchants Union Platform.

“Hotel occupancy in our region is 99%. The main load is provided by expatriates (i.e. Turkish citizens temporarily or permanently outside the country) living in Germany and European countries, as well as citizens of Arab countries,” he said.

The expert also added, that the number of tourists “makes local merchants smile” even though expats and citizens of Arab countries bargain very hard when buying groceries. The reason is simple: “In our region, we have reduced the dip caused by the decline in the number of Russian and Ukrainian tourists by German and European tourists,” said Mr. Dumlupinar.

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