Turkey closes doors to low-income Russians

Turkey closes doors for low-income Russians

Turkey will close its doors for low-income Russians – this is how their Turkish colleagues assessed the forecast from the Russian travel media. We are talking about ATOR's forecast of a rise in prices in Turkey by 20-50%, depending on the hotel.

“Russians who previously bought cheap tours will not be able to take advantage of this opportunity again. Wealthy tourists will go to Turkey, who calmly pay for a week-long vacation with an average vacation cost of 300 thousand rubles, and the path to Turkey is gradually closed for the low-income middle class, ”the Turkish media say.

Also, according to them and competition is growing. Since the energy crisis will not end, and the cost of air tickets will continue to grow, Turkey will bet on Europeans, for whom prices will remain relatively affordable, experts are sure. While for the Russians the situation will only get worse due to problems with transport, expensive tickets and more expensive tours.

Recall that ATOR made the main emphasis in its forecast on the availability of transportation. “If by the summer of 2023 the situation with the volume of air transportation to Turkey improves, then the next increase in prices by Turkish hoteliers will go almost unnoticed. Prices will remain approximately at the level of this year, those tourists who have already traveled to Turkey at current prices will continue to do so, especially in the face of shortages abroad,” the forecast says. But if it happens that hotel prices rise, and the situation with air traffic worsens, then the Russians will “vote with their wallets” and may “miss the season”. Read more about the assessment of the situation in this article.

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