Turkey says lack of Russian tourists gives country a new chance

Turkey said that the absence of Russian tourists gives the country a new chance

Another Turkish expert made an encouraging statement – a significant decrease in tourists from the Russian market may be a chance for the return of the European market, which is distinguished by year-round demand and more stable solvency. Kadir Ugur, the owner of Bentour, presented this assessment of the situation.

“The absence of Russian tourists will not destroy Turkish tourism, perhaps we have a chance that more Western tourists will come. Approximately half of the losses associated with two markets – i.e. with Russia and Ukraine, can be covered by Europe,” assured Mr. Ugur. At the same time, he added that if he chooses a Russian or a Western tourist, his choice will be for the Western one.

“Russian tourists come only during the high summer season. While the “upper middle age” western tourist who is running from cold weather to a wonderful Mediterranean climate ensures high demand all year round. Let me remind you that we started with “winter” tourism, the first charter flight to Antalya was made in winter. The year was 86 or 87…” the expert said.

He noted that for now it will be difficult for hotels that operate on the Russian market and it will take them years for Europe to “fill the Russian capacity with national diversity.” At the same time, hotels that “provide market diversity are more fortunate in the current situation,” the expert added. “This situation shows once again that hoteliers should not be tied to one market. Because our hotels are not 50-100 rooms, but 500-600-800 rooms… If you connect such a hotel to one tour operator or to a single market (as in the case of Thomas Cook), then you will go bankrupt in a few years, ” – he said.

At the same time, the expert himself said that he did not receive support during the pandemic and does not plan to ask for it in the future. According to him, the affected travel companies themselves are to blame for their policy, which causes great damage to the market, first of all, by dumping prices. “Our margin is 5.4% gross. But most bankrupt colleagues worked with a gross turnover of 3.4%. We are trading. Working without profit is stupid,” the expert said.

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