Turkish All Inclusive tourist was stunned to discover what's included

A tourist who was vacationing in Turkey on All Inclusive was stunned to find what is included there

A tourist was walking around the hotel grounds on La Blanche Island in Turkey, where she had an All Inclusive vacation, and found a Starbucks coffee shop. The woman was stunned when she realized that drinks from there were included in the price of her booking, according to The Sun.

A British tourist named Ella was incredibly happy that Starbucks was included in her All Inclusive package and hurried record this video for TikTok. It shows a small coffee shop overlooking the sea. The caption reads: “When your hotel has an All Inclusive Starbucks.”

Expensive, complex and sophisticated drinks in a coffee shop still need to be bought for a fee. But regular lattes, cappuccinos, ice coffees, teas and chai-lattes are free for All-Inclusive travelers.

Ella's video has received more than 2.5 million views, garnering many enthusiastic comments. One user wrote: “I would go there 10 times a day.” Another added: “It's literally a dream.”

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