Turkish gang busted for stealing tourists' suitcases from hotel lobbies

Gang that stole tourists' suitcases from hotel lobbies caught in Turkey

Four gang members accused of repeatedly stealing tourists' suitcases from hotel lobbies were detained in Istanbul. According to the local police, the Turkish media reported, the suspects have already been detained.

It is no coincidence that suitcases became the object of theft. Usually, tourist luggage is placed in the lobby before being loaded or unloaded from the bus, and tourists are distracted by communication with the administrator at the reception. This is what the thieves used.

The case of the loss of personal belongings of tourists in different parts of the city was taken up by the police. During the investigation, it was found that the crimes were recorded several times by hotel surveillance cameras. The identity of the attackers was not difficult for law enforcement officers. Soon four members of the gang were found and detained. They were charged with 11 thefts

The suspects committed a total of 11 thefts in the Sariyer, Sisli and Fatih districts. Now they will stand trial.

If the stolen goods had not been found?

The Turkish Police strongly advises not to lose sight of your luggage when loading/unloading from the tour bus. According to the Federal Law “On the basics of tourism activities in the Russian Federation”, the tour operator is not liable if a third party was involved. In this case, the one who committed the theft. But if the fault of the hotel in violation of safety standards is proved, only then the court can hold the operator liable. As for tour sales managers, their duties are limited to booking, paying for the tour and providing information about the service. That is why he is not responsible for the theft.

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