Turkish hotels begin destroying rooms to repurpose them

Turkish hotels began to destroy rooms for their re-profiling

Hotels in Turkey are massively “re-profiling” part of their room stock, replacing residential premises with SPA centers – this trend was noted by the Turkish media. According to Gyohan Yavuzer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Juno, “SPA offers more opportunities than accommodation services.

According to the expert, this is a fairly new trend. Previously, spa centers were perceived rather negatively by hoteliers, they were built “in the most inconvenient places.” “Baths and saunas, which hotels were forced to build in order to earn stars, were considered problem areas that do not generate income, but create costs for electricity and water,” the expert said.

However, the growing trend towards a healthy lifestyle – as well as the opportunity to earn extra money – the interest of hoteliers has now corrected. “Hotels that want to get a share of the growing wellness trend are dramatically expanding services such as spas, saunas, Turkish baths, massages and gyms, including by demolishing rooms. Now the SPA is being built in the most beautiful part of the hotel, and some of the rooms on the ground floor are being rebuilt into a SPA. Because these areas have ceased to be a routine for the hotel and have become points that generate income,” said Mr. Yavuzer.

The reason for this is also the fact that not only hotel residents become consumers of SPA services. “Services such as a Turkish bath, sauna, swimming pool, steam bath and gym make the person who owns a house on the same street as the hotel a client of the hotel. Many people come to the hotel and pay to use these facilities. A room that a tourist rents for 24 hours and a hammam used for 2 hours bring the same profit,” the expert emphasized.

Moreover, according to him, it was spa services that allowed hotels to extend the season for the winter. “Antalya is chosen for winter events, for winter holidays, precisely because there are modern SPA centers here. Spas have a big impact on prolonging the season in Antalya. A common feature of hotels that achieve high off-season occupancy in the region is that they have modern spa services,” Mr. Yavuzer summed up.

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