Turkish hotels blamed tour operators for the wild rise in prices for tours: it's not our fault

Turkish hotels blamed tour operators for the frenzied rise in prices for tours: it's not our fault

rise in price of tours to Turkey hoteliers blamed tour operators. This is the next stage in the discussion of the acute topic of high prices and the massive refusal of Russian tourists to vacation in Turkey, which was raised by the Turkish tourism media. They also blame the air carriers for raising prices.

“I don't think hotels have drastically raised prices. Due to rising costs both in Turkey and around the world, we have had to make certain price adjustments in order to maintain the same quality of service that we provide to our guests. Our value is increasing in foreign currency due to the increase in prices,” said Burhan Sili, president of the Association of Tour Operators of Alanya (ALITD).

Further, the expert identified the main culprits of the soaring Turkish prices in this way. “Prices for package tours have risen primarily due to an increase in aviation fuel and an increase in other items of expenditure, including aircraft and ground services. Already in second place is the increase in prices for hotels, which is directly proportional to the increase in their costs. Instead of requiring the hotel to reduce the price of the hotel, it is necessary to properly manage the process through mutual consultations,” the Turkish expert urged.

He also proposed two somewhat opposite solutions. The first thing that many tourists hope for is that the “hand of the market” will more or less regulate prices. “The price is formed at the point of supply and demand balance. If there are facilities that have raised prices above a reasonable limit, they will have to be adjusted sooner or later,” said Mr Seeley. At the same time, he added that hotels that suffered first from the pandemic, then from the fall in the main markets, “made every effort” to survive in the winter and need to save money in the summer.

So the second decision will obviously not please tourists. “Compared to other countries doing this work, we are much more advanced both in terms of service and quality of facilities. We can focus on jobs with lower occupancy, but in the sense of sustainable tourism, instead of the 100% occupancy that we tried before,” the Turkish expert said. That is, in fact, he proposed to “leave behind” the budget category of tourists, which will not pull the prices of Turkish hotels.

In the meantime, we recall, “Russian tour operators are asking partners to leave prices at least at the level of 2022. Underloading will not benefit anyone. Some Turkish hotels are making advances, but there are not many of them,” Vladimir Kaganer, deputy general director of Tez Tour, told the publication. Kommersant's experts also noted that the tourism market has hope, negotiations are underway to reduce prices, though “individually”, but so far there are many tours and prices are high. Read more at this link.

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