Turkish hotels in panic: they were officially stunned by the new prices

Turkish hotels in panic: they were officially stunned by the new prices

Turkish hotels are again waiting for the next season of 2023 almost in a panic. We are again talking about rising prices – this time, the prices for such a resource critically demanded by hotels as electricity will fly “into space”. It is expected that by January the tariff will increase three times in relation to the current rates, which have already grown so much since the beginning of the year. And what will happen next is still unclear. But it is already clear that tour prices will also skyrocket.

Currently, the price of electricity in Turkey for hotels is 1.3 liras per kilowatt. However, a panic alert from the local main energy company Enerji SA claims that the price will rise by 100% to 2.6 lira by the end of the year, and again in January to 3.6 lira. In terms of Russian money, the price will increase from 4.3 to almost 12 rubles per kilowatt.

At the same time, hoteliers remind that they still have “covid” and other loans that they are forced to pay. In addition, from January tourists in hotels will be charged another 2% of the fee in favor of the state in the form of the so-called “accommodation tax”.

At the same time, hotels depend critically on the cost of electricity – we can only mention air conditioners in the rooms, which consume a huge amount of kilowatts in summer and in winter, already working for heating. Adding here such an obvious expense of the off-season and the winter season as the heating of swimming pools in many popular hotels, as a banal increase in the operating time of all lighting due to a short daylight hours. In addition, the rise in the cost of energy in the country leads to a general rise in the cost of food, which also puts pressure on hotels.

Recall that Turkish hoteliers met the beginning of last season in a similar panic, calculating how much it would be necessary to raise prices in hotels in order to somehow survive. As Hasan Ali Ceylan, chairman of the board of directors of Ceylan Operation Construction Tourism Investment Trade Inc, said at the time, tourism professionals are facing a serious cost crisis, and hotel prices need to be increased by at least 15-18%.

“Energy costs have increased by 2- 3 times. Prices for all types of goods, from electronics to goods, have risen, we see that prices in tourism have not risen. If this continues, tourism will face a major spending crisis in 2022. If there is no increase in prices for tourism, the industry will enter a turbulent period. By 2022, prices should rise by 15-18% percent. If prices do not rise, no matter how many tourists come to us, we are in any case waiting for the worst year, ”the expert said at that time. Read the details at this link.

Price growth is also predicted in the 2023 season. Moreover, the starting figure is already 20%.

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