Turkish Rixos voiced its version of the mass poisoning of tourists

Turkish Rixos voiced its version of the mass poisoning of tourists

The top management of the Turkish hotel Rixos Sungate, which became the hero of the recent scandal with the poisoning of British tourists, commented on the topic of the day very diplomatically. The hotel, for which “customer satisfaction comes first”, is nevertheless ready to defend its quality of service and the absence of “salmonellosis” with documents and test results in hand – including in a lawsuit. Thus, the Turkish Rixos spoke about the ins and outs of the mass poisoning of tourists, hinting at fraud.

As quoted by Turizm Guncel, Meric Gönülal, manager of corporate communications and public relations at Rixos Hotels, confirmed that there is information that some guests staying at the hotel complain of stomach discomfort. “All scheduled inspections at the facility were carried out after the tourists said they were poisoned, and additional inspections were carried out. No negative results were found in the test results. After that, in April, May and June, our quality control team conducted tests on 1,200 employees. Employees also did not have any consequences. Food, surface, water, ice tests were carried out, and nothing was found there either. State bodies also carried out checks and did not confirm any negative data,” the top manager reported.

He further described the situation as follows. According to him, Rixos Sungate has been open since March 15 and received 18,000 guests. “Out of 18 thousand guests, only 51 people came with complaints, mostly British citizens. Those suffering from nausea or vomiting were referred to the hotel's medical center without any fees. Also, the hotel administration communicates with all guests who leave comments and complaints,” said Mr. Genyulal. At the same time, he noted that as soon as the event was reflected in the British press, the number of “injured” for some reason began to increase.

He also commented on the latest news about 100 British tourists who were poisoned and plan to sue the hotel (read more here). According to him, checks at the hotel are ongoing, they were also carried out by the tour operator TUI, which also risks being in the dock in the event of a trial. But not a single check showed the presence of bacteria, which the “affected” British claim. By the way, the hotel did not even hear about the actual court session.

Also, Mr. Genyulal, added that the hotel does not face cancellations, including by the British. “Now not only the British, but also various guests from many countries are resting in the hotel. Well-known names and influential persons invited by us to the facility also visited us. There are no problems with them either. We have not received the slightest complaint, especially from the restaurant. Not only did no one have an upset stomach, we also didn't get any negative feedback about the food,” he added.

The burning question is whether Rixos collects evidence, similarly to Spanish hotels that decided to oppose the “business” of the “affected” Britons with evidence from video cameras – how a tourist who allegedly was poisoned in a hotel actually sunbathes, splashes in the pool and anneals at a party – top The manager was quite diplomatic. “The management of our hotel, of course, can provide such evidence if necessary, but it is out of the question for us to show a hostile attitude towards our guests who complain about something. In the event of litigation, our litigation lawyers can take the initiative in this regard. But we do not have such an approach in terms of service and attitude towards guests,” he said. That is, apparently, the British lawyers who put the cases of “poisoned tourists” on stream are transparently hinted that we will not directly accuse you of fraudulent actions, but the ins and outs are clear to everyone.

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