Turkish tourist returns home paralyzed

 A tourist who had a rest in Turkey returned to her homeland paralyzed

While on holiday in Turkey, a foreign tourist, along with her son, rolled over on a buggy (a sports car for cross-country racing) during a safari and suffered a back injury. The extreme holiday lover returned to her homeland in the UK paralyzed, The Sun reported.

Recall that during the past summer in Turkey, many accidents were recorded during safari, which even led to public calls for the authorities to take action against illegal organizers of such excursions. Read more in the article “Murderous excursions in Turkey with many corpses of tourists outraged tourism: the public wants revenge.”

This time, the chronology of the tragedy was as follows: a 30-year-old British tourist went on vacation to the popular resort province of Antalya with her 10-year-old son. While riding a buggy through the mountains, the traveler lost control and had an accident. After climbing a steep off-road hill, the traveler failed to turn the steering wheel, and the vehicle fell off a 50-meter cliff.

After the incident, the woman survived, but doctors stated that she had fractured six vertebrae and pelvis, as well as internal bleeding and permanent nerve damage in the lower back. Rescuers pulled the victim out and took her to the hospital. For three weeks, they struggled with the consequences of the accident: they did a lung drain and two spinal surgeries.

It is known that the tourist has already returned to the UK and continues to receive treatment at the Liverpool hospital. However, according to doctors, due to the injuries, the Briton can remain disabled for life.

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